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Dandelion infused Black Velvet whiskey

Dandilion infused Black Velvet Whiskey

This is great stuff. Another wonderful use for dandelions.
Dandelion infused Black Velvet Whiskey has a real smooth taste with just a hint of dandelion sweetness.

You could filter out the petals but I leave them in.

How to:
Just use mostly the petals. I just pinch off the bottom of the green part and toss them in the bottle. About a handful to a pint works nice. Then let sit for a day or so and shake once in a while.
Don’t forget to add some good bottled water NOT tap water to your drink. The right amount of water brings out the sweetness from the whiskey. If you add too much water it will just taste watered down. Add more whiskey. Almost the same amount of water as whiskey but you just got to try it out to find the right amount for you but it will be very tasty when you got it right.

One more good thing is when your spouse complains about your drinking you can say it is healthy because it has the goodness of dandelions in it. Health whiskey rules !