Sweet Feed Moonshine Recipe – Hooch Bird’s Original

Sweet Feed Moonshine Recipe

 Hooch Bird’s Original

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Hooch Bird’s Recipe

This sweet feed moonshine recipe is the Hooch Bird’s original that he uses to brew his world famous whiskey. He uses only the best grains and sugar from local stores. Well maybe not the best but the cheapest. He says it is all the same and do not fall for the “price makes the difference” crap when it comes to corn and sugar. The malted barley he says is the only thing you need to that must be good. He buys his at Adventures in Homebrewing . Click on the banner above for grain and any other product you need.

The Hooch Bird really loves his Barley Crusher grain mill. I also own one. If you do not have one you should get one .

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The Hooch Bird does not use the standard measure of grains for his sweet feed shine. He likes to use mostly equal amounts with the exception of malt.

4 Lbs Corn

4 Lbs Oats

2 Lbs 2 Row Malted Barley

17 Lbs sugar

Yeast – turbo works well in the 13% – 18 % range. Champagne yeast also works but takes a lot longer.
Bread yeast will do a good job but you must use a lot less sugar as it only goes to about 8%.

This grain bill is just a standard mix. Use what ever amount you need for your batch. 4 inches in bottom of 5 bucket for a 5 or 6 gallon batch.

1 bottle molasses . This he normally adds in after the fact as it tends to stall fermentation. Boiling it before adding in may stop this from happening.
It is not needed if you want some shine that is more traditional but is what makes the sweet in sweet feed. It gives it a very nice flavor in the rum area but not as strong. Only takes a little. 10% is good.

In some areas you may still be able to buy sweet feed at the local stores that do not have the green pellets or other crap in them that you do not want. It must be straight up sweet feed i.e. corn, oats, molasses etc. and no added nutrients. You can get co-ops to special mix it for you. They make it up in large quantities but will make smaller usually. you want 10% molasses.

Making the Mash

Crush the malt. It only needs to be cracked a little but a good fine crush will make the flavor come out better. The malt is needed to convert the starches in the corn and oats over to sugars.

Mix the corn, oats and barley together. You will need about 4 inches of this in the bottom of a 5 gallon bucket. Adjust as needed for larger batches. Hooch Bird uses a 55 gallon barrel.

Heat up a couple gallons of water to about 170 degrees.  You can also add in the molasses and boil it if you want and let it cool back down.

Pour in the grains. 4 ” worth in bottom of bucket for 6 gallon batch. Let it mash for an hour or so and then pour the wort off. Add the grains to your fermentation bucket.

Use the wort to dissolve sugar. Heat it up to 170 and add in 17 Lbs sugar a little at a time while stirring until dissolved. You may have to add more water to accomplish this.

Pour wort into fermentation bucket and fill with cool water to 6 gallons. ( don’t use tap water) It adds in bad flavor from the chlorine. Use distilled or bottled drinking water.

Water needs to be about 90 degrees but not more than 104.

Add in yeast per the instructions.

Let it ferment until you like the taste of it. Leave in more sugars for sweeter shine or ferment it on down for more volume and back sweeten it after distilling . This is what the bird does and he adds in his molasses at this time also.

Distill slowly. Heat up still slowly and turn on water at about 120 degrees. Toss the first 150 Milliliters. This will come out between 150 and 172 degrees.  It is fusel alcohols.

Keep the rest up to maybe 200 degrees but you just need to keep tasting till it is getting weak and has a bad flavor.

Making cut is up to you but the bird says just mix it all together and cut it to about 70 – 120 proof and add in oak chips and sugar maple charcoal and allow to sit for a week. Open once a day and let out vapors and then shake a little.

When it gets a flavor in it you like pour it through a piece of paper towel to filter. This works much better than coffee filters.

Add in a little bit of molasses and maybe a pinch of sugar to a glass of shine and you will have one tasty drink.



Higher quality Moonshine

If you want really good shine then do not use the sugar. you will of course need to use a lot more grains to get any volume of shine. This will make a very tasty shine , all grain. Much better just costs more and will not make much.