St-Remy Brandy Review


 Review St-Remy Brandy
Distillateur Depuis 1886

St Remy

VSOP Brandy Francais
40% ABV
Cost about $15.00

Well first I examined the bottle. I wanted to see how professional and old world it looked since this is a very old distillery and a an original recipe Brandy. The bottle is very nice looking as you can see by the pic. It is not old world looking really but gives the impression that what is contained inside is a quality product.
As I poured it I noticed a golden amber color with a reddish hue.


The aroma comes off quite strong and is that of fruit , perhaps peach along with a strong alcohol smell I did not really expect from 40%. This aroma will be making the flavor come out quite well. It is a bit too much for a brandy I think but only tasting will tell.



The taste is rather odd at least for me since I never drank any French Brandy and am not a wine drinker. It has a strong fruity berry flavor that is kind of rotten tasting but not in a spoiled way. Just strong and odd. The berry flavor in it seems to be the culprit of this perhaps coming from the yeast used.
Has a slight dryness of the mouth after taste. Not bad like a bitter wine has. Vinilla comes through a little that I assume is from the oak aging. It goes down smooth . Not harsh at all. How ever the more I drink the dryer my mouth gets.


Opinion of Drinking it From a Glass

I am not impressed with this brandy. Maybe it is more of a wine drinkers brandy since it is French and they are the wine people. That fruity berry taste is rather disgusting to me.


Opinion of Drinking it From the Bottle

Although drinking form the glass gave a strong fruity flavor, drinking from the bottle did not. The lack of the aroma one gets from drinking from the glass made this taste much better. A good mouth full has more of a brandy taste. Not too bad that way. More mellow and smooth than E&J with a lot less bourbon flavor yet still a bit fruity yet not overly strong.

If you are a bourbon or brandy lover you might want to give this a try. I suggest drinking from the bottle. I suggest drinking any booze from the bottle.