I like to drink Cheap Canadian Whiskeys

Yes, I hear your screams of ” BOOOO ! ” Go ahead and send hate mail. Just be aware that the bird will come to your house and kick your arse and drink all your booze.

{ Public service announcement : Canada needs the money. Please send donations to the Canada Whiskey Foundation’s Save the  Cheap Whiskeys Fund . For less than a cup of coffee you can save one bottle of  cheap whiskey from suffering needlessly }

What is Cheap Whiskey Made From

It is of course for the most part nothing but blended crap from the big distilleries that mass produce alcohol, as is a lot of whiskey that companies here in the US claim to make but really do not. This alcohol is not so good and full of fusels. They sell it to the bottlers that put their name on it and call it whatever they want to. I will tell you how to fix that liquor store swill so it is drinkable.

You might also try this method if you ever get the urge to buy a quart of that so called “moonshine” liquor stores sell. I do not know if it could fix that garbage enough to be drinkable. It is horrible. I have tried several kinds. One sip and spit it out. dumped the crap down the sink. So full of fusels that all of it tastes like acetone and isopropyl. It stings in your mouth and I would guess would give you one hell of a headache if you were to drink much of it.

Some whiskey from the blended mix of who knows what is not too bad. How ever I prefer to fix it up and make it more palatable. So I run it through my special one of a kind high tech whiskey fixing whatchamacallit apparatus. I am going to give away my secret patented method for free even though I paid millions to develop it. Disclaimer: The aforementioned statement may be an outright bunch of bull crap.

As I stated above I like to buy cheap Canadian whiskey. Northern Lights is one of my favorites and is pretty good as it is but I like to fix it up a bit.  I pour it into a Patented machine we will call a “jar” and add sugar maple charcoal, toasted white oak and sometimes some good vodka. I do not always use the vodka and sometimes only use the vodka as this works well on it also.

Let it sit a few days or a week and then add a little molasses, just a quarter teaspoon or so in a half glass. Add a little water to make 3/4 glass so the wife does not think I am a lush. Nice flavor. Makes that Canadian whiskey taste real good. Maybe they will make a new kind just for me! Perhaps they will pay me a royalty for my great idea.

I pour it through a filter into another jar. The filter can be a coffee filter but you will get much cleaner results using a piece of paper towel as coffee filters have larger holes in them. A point to remember if you filter other things such as in refining precious metals or just about anything you need to filter.

Everclear makes a really good booze when flavored with charred oak. Despite what some say Everclear has a very nice flavor to it . Most people who have drank it simply do it to get drunk since it s 190 proof. It is made from corn and is almost flavorless but not quite. I like it just as it is but also after aging in oak.Everclear

Here is a interesting page on  Facts you didn’t know about Everclear.  Not sure I agree with it all but it is interesting. Just a guys view on what happens when you drink the good stuff.

Hey just want to add in a note on the use of sugar maple charcoal.
I sell 1 Lb bags of this for 4.00 plus shipping on eBay.  That is a lot of 100% pure hardwood lump sugar maple charcoal from earth friendly sources. Rainforest Alliance Certified. Enough to filter or flavor a lot of good whiskey. 

Get it  Sugar Maple Charcoal