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    I am leaving it up to users to post topics. If you need one make one. Just keep it in the realm of real if in the brew forum sections.

    I will create whatever categories or forums you need. Just email me or leave a comment.

    If it is not a proper forum topic it will be removed. i.e. do not make a topic for “why squirrels like to scratch their nuts when eating” and put it in the brew section.

    How ever you may post just about any topic within the ” odd ball ” topics section. This section will be for anything that is not brew related. i.e. your ball scratching squirrels and your really cool 1932 Ford coupe.

    I also leave it up to users to moderate this forum as I am not a gestapo agent like most forums have. Just keep it clean enough that your kids can read it unless you post it in a topic that is clearly marked for adults only.

    You may open up a topic for political or off brew topic topics if you want. Try not to be too hateful in it. Threats or outright insults for no apparent reason will not be tolerated. You will only be warned once.

    I do not care what you post as long as it is not blatantly illegal to the point where law enforcement would want to give me a call. i.e. no kiddie porn talk, threats or hate crimes etc…

    I am not going to ban a person or delete a post if it simply mentions a word that can be used as a racist statement . i.e. ” I heard someone say ***** when I was in the store” .This is not racist,  it is a comment.

    If you outright call someone a racist name I will delete your post if brought to my attention and you will only be warned one time and will be expected to apologize to the person to whom you said it to.

    There will be no language barring. i.e. use all the ” swear ” words you wish. I am in no way politically correct. I could care less. They are only words and if anyone can not deal with it they can just not read any of your posts from then on. I will not ban a person from posting just because they use words you do not think are acceptable. How ever again, use good judgment as there are people that really do not like swear words and we do not want them leaving the forum over it and your mother just may be reading the forum also. You don’t kiss your mother with that filthy mouth , do you ?

    Thank you for coming to my site and enjoy. Please feel free to contribute any articles, comments or recipes….


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