Using Honey Instead of Sugar

[ Dandelions are a natural diuretic and have other qualities that may need to be addressed if you are taking medications. Consult your doctor if you are on any medications ]

Okay I just wanted to give you my best way to make dandelion wine. Sugar is fine but it makes things thin. Dandelion wine is so thin already it does not need this. this is part of the reason people use fruit in it. Well that covers up the flavor of the dandelions. So using honey instead of sugar is the way to go.

When you use honey it does not thin out your booze like table sugar does. It also leaves an amazing flavor. Not only is it good for this wine but it is great in a lot of other things like brown ales, blondes….

Just so you know, dandelion wine has a rather nasty flavor to it. I never met anyone that actually liked it. How ever a lot of this has to do with the way you prepare your blossoms. I made a video showing how to properly clean them the easy way. It is about half way down the page. If you do this your wine will have a much better taste that does not need to be covered up with lemons and oranges.

So after you clean them you can follow the directions on the page with the cleaning video except instead of using sugar we will be using honey. The thing about using honey is figuring out just how much to put in. What I do is use about 1 large bottle in a half gallon. How ever this is usually done in steps. I ferment my wine 2 times. sometimes 3 times.

Sometimes I use a cup or so of sugar the first run. Then half a bottle honey and then another half bottle honey. I use whiskey yeast the first 2 times and champagne yeast the last. Not necessary just my way of doing it.

Straight honey is better tasting than the one with sugar also in it.

Types of Honey

You might be thinking that honey is honey but you are so wrong. Most honey is clover. That is good but honey gets it’s flavor from the flowers the bees visit. Some honey is available in health food stores at a premium but is well worth it. One of these would be Rain Forest honey. This one is my favorite. It comes in many varieties and believe me the flavor is like no other honey. I love it in a nice blonde ale.

Orange blossom honey can sometimes be had from the grocery store. I know Kroger and Dillons have it in the gourmet section. Decent price and amazing flavor. Usually comes from Florida.

So there you have it. Honey dandelion wine. It tastes good. Not a lot of body but also not tasting like a glass of citrus.