Cream Ale All Grain Recipe

 My Original Recipe


Now I am not real sticky on the normal info that is usually posted along with a recipe. I just post the basics when it is mine. I brew the same way. No real mathematics involved just do what ever I feel like at the time and see how it goes.

Crystal Cream Ale 

This is a very tasty light blonde lawn mower style beer. This cream ale all grain beer is an original of mine. It is light and a bit hoppy with some citrus notes and the corn flavor which has been mellowed out so as to not over whelm the taste buds . Can be stepped a bit up for winter time for more mouth feel and more thick head and it still is very good.

Allowing this to age a good month before bottling would be great and then wait a month to drink. I do that with most of my bears. I am really a brown beer guy and I like them to sit for several months before bottling. This is one of the few blonde beers I drink.

Crystal Cream Ale

OG  1.054


7 Lbs 8.3 oz    2 row
2.70 oz           Carapils – Not needed nor recommended in this recipe. I used just to use it up as it was getting old.
7.60 oz           Vienna
20.5 oz           Rice – I used minute rice, the generic stuff from Wally World
2 Lbs 8 oz      Flaked Corn – Might just mash some cracked corn next time. Far cheaper
Either Notty or US-05 yeast … do not remember Don’t think it matters much

Mash in 18.13 Quarts water @ 163    Step Temp 150 for 75 minutes

Fly Sparge with 6.68 Gallons water @ 168

Est pre boil gravity 1.042

NOTES :  For a bit more mouth feel in winter months I would suggest a little more malt and a few ounces of wheat malt in the grain bill . You could use the carapils for this but that would really require dropping out some malt and that would leave a  strong corn flavor and it has plenty enough of that already.

It was suggested to perhaps do a protein rest on this but using fully malted barley I see no reason for that since the proteins have already done their job during the malting process.

.28 oz hallertauer @ 60 min
.46 oz Willamette @ 60 min
.67 oz Crystal @ 60 min
1.0 oz Crystal @ 10 min