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Hopped Up Three Crops


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Hopped Up Cream of three Crops

Cream ale all grain recipe. Hopped up three crops is modeled after the Cream of Three Crops by BierMuncher.

Type – All Grain
Batch Size – 6 Gallons
Boil Size – 8.41 gallons
Boil time – 60 Minutes
Final bottling volume – 5.28 gallons
Fermentation – ale 2 Stage
Equipment – Pot and Cooler 10 Gallon
Taste Rating out of 50 – 40.0

Taste notes

Very refreshing taste as is the original. Has a nice corn flavor along with the floral notes from the Hersbrucker balanced out with the spicy citrus from the Cascade and the bitterness of Chinook. I think the Chinook helps to balance out the strong corn flavor.


6 Lbs 3 Oz 2 row
4 Lbs Morris Otter
2 Lbs 12 Oz flaked Rice
2 Lbs Flaked Corn

Mash in 21.95 Qt water @ 151 degrees for 75 Minutes

Fly sparge with 5.52 Gallons water @ 158 degrees

Add water to 8.41 gallons

Estimated Pre boil Gravity 1.054

0.92 Oz Cascade @ 60 Minutes Hop Profile
1.18 Oz Hallertauer Hersbrucker @ 30 Minutes Hop profile
.75 Oz Chinook @ 5 Minutes Hop Profile

Estimated Post boil Gravity 1.065 @ 7.28 Gallons

Yeast Nottingham

The rest I am sure you know how to do. I rarely do it the same each time. I normally rack my beers after allowing them to sit for a day or so and then for a month or so. Sometimes I dry hop them.