Camo Black Extra high gravity lager is 12.2% ABV. It does pack a good punch for a beer.

High Gravity lager 12.2% ABV

Color : Damn sure looks tasty. Deep golden amber.

Smell. Well i cant smell so good so my opinion will lack some of the other reviewers data but it is fruity which i assume is from hops.

The flavor is not bad. It does however have a alcohol taste as 12.2% is a bit high for a beer that is not full flavored. 12.2 In my opinion is best suited for dark bitter or brandywines.
Other reviews I have read rate this beer very low. I how ever think it is not too bad for a couple bucks a pint.
It is sweet. I do not get much of an after taste from it. I also drink whiskey so that may play a part in the taste I get or do not get. Others say it tastes horrible and made them spit it out. It really is no where near that bad as I have had beer that bad.
I do not think I would want to casually drink this as it is not my type of beer being kind of fruity tasting but to get drunk slamming it is fine.

The head: Well there is not a head. It will pop up if you pour hard into a glass but quickly goes away. Would like to see a nice frothy head on this.

So all in all it is just a high gravity lager with a fruity kind of flavor. Not great but not horrible either.

My choice in this category will always be Earthquake High Gravity lager 10% , I hear they have 12.5% but not here. Really like this beer. you should try it. I believe it is made by Four Loco but is licensed to Drink four Brewing company.

Just a note: Four Loco beer is horrible stuff. At least the ones I tried to drink. I did pour them out.

Feature image is courtesy of Hope you don’t mind that I stole your image DrunkinSmusher !

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