This is my review of Blue Chair Bay
Premium blend Blue Chair Bay banana cream rum
Banana Rum Cream
Overall Ranking: 3 out 5 Stars
Price: Not sure
Owners: Fishbowl Spirits


We took our classic beach made white rum and added caramelized banana with a whiff of island spice and toasted coconut to create a new gold standard. The classic Banana daiquiri just got an upgrade, and new cocktails like the PB&B, Grilled Banana Punch and Bananas Fostertini are a whole new way to experience the islands anytime, anywhere.

My Review:
To start off the bottle has terrible labeling. White liquor in a yellow bottle with faint yellow writing on it. Makes it very hard to read and in fact on this mini bottle it is not readable for me at least.
This is not too bad for what it is. A blend of white rum from one of the last beach side distilleries in the Caribbean. Blended with cream and toasted coconut and caramelized banana. It tasted quite like a banana flavored Kit. you know them square candies. Taffy i guess it is.
It has a faint rum flavor but not much since it is only 15% ABV. At first the coconut flavor comes out but quickly is replaced by the banana taffy flavor and the cream.
I would not want to drink much of it but then I am more of a straight up whiskey drinker. How ever it is good.
I gave it 3 stars for the creamy flavor. Could have went 4 if it had a bit more rum in it and a better label.
Enjoyed the small mini bottle I bought. That was enough for me. I will try some of their other stuff next time around.