Dandelion Tea Is Good For You


[ Dandelions are a natural diuretic and have other qualities that may need to be addressed if you are taking medications. Consult your doctor if you are on any medications ]

Making dandelion tea is real easy. All you need to do is pick the flowers or the whole plant roots and all. On top of being easy dandelion tea is good for you and is even better if you use the roots and leaves.

The whole plant is edible. Despite the fact that the stems are quite bitter they are edible and good for you. If you plan on eating the stems you might want to pick them early as the younger they are the less bitter they are. The leaves are not really all that bitter and the green leaves on the flower are almost tasteless.

For making tea with only the flowers just pick them and snip off the very bottom of the green part. You do not have to really as you will be adding in honey and sugar anyway so any bitter will be gone and the more green in there the more nutrition. Dandelions are packed full of good stuff.

After picking flowers just toss them in a pot and pour in water. A coffee cup full of flowers will make a good pint of tea. Just play around with it. The tea does not have a lot of flavor so you can use a lot of flowers. I make it then taste and add more water if I want less flavor. Normally you will want more flowers.

No need to wash them off unless they have been sprayed with insecticide or something. Bring to boil. This will kill any germs in case you are a germaphobe. Boil for a couple minutes and then turn down heat , cover and simmer for 15 minutes .

Strain through a coffee filter and squeeze out juice from flowers.

Heat some apple cider or juice. Add in some brown sugar. Add some of this to your tea with a teaspoon of honey and you will have very tasty healthy cup of tea.


Using Roots

Pull the plant up. Dig deep as the roots are sometime quite deep. Wash them off in water. Cut the roots into small pieces. Add them in with the flowers when making tea. If you want to you can dry the roots in the oven or a dehydrator. I prefer not to use the roots from my plants as I want as many plants growing as possible for next year. You can buy the dried roots at the health food store.



I age vodka in oak and sugar maple charcoal. Gives it a nice flavor. A shot of that in this tea is great. Yes I know I am lush that puts booze in everything. But I was raised by a freaking Hooch bird, what is poor boy to do.


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