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Get Popular with Home Brew Kits | HBS

A Home Beer Making Kit

Will Improve Your Popularity!

It is a well known fact that Americans love their beer and wish nothing but the best from their beer. No doubt the big commercial beer suppliers hold a significant chunk of the beer making pie, however the number of house beer makers too has actually gradually been climbing.

As a matter of fact, the appeal of home brewed beer has increased substantially during the past twenty years or so, and custom made beers are a lot more popular currently than they were a few years before.


Only Need a Hundred Dollars to Get Started

Might get going for less than that if you do a little crafty work. You do not need all the fancy stuff to get going on this.

The American taste for beer is rather advanced as well as faced with a cost-effective along with very easy method of making home brewed beer has only stoked the fire of brewing beer at home. You could just need a hundred dollars investment to buy the needed house beer making kits along with active ingredients and the brew equipment and be well on your way to preparing homemade beer.

You could conveniently resource house beer making kits from homebrew supply stores that stock not just the packages, but also the required ingredients and equipment as well. Before you actually obtain a kit for brewing beer at home you ought to be well acquainted with the various beer making kits offered. Check out the type and flavor profile of each kit.

A complete beer making kit should consist of important products such as the brew pot that is typically made from stainless steel and can also be utilized to ferment the wort. You should pick a kettle dimension that can hold at least two times the quantity of beer you desire to brew.

You can buy some nice beer kits here

One more vital tool that your home beer making set should have is the fermenting container which holds the mixture at the same time as the yeast performs its function. Additionally, the container can be glass carboy which will permit the maker to examine the fermentation that is going on.

You can buy a complete kit for the fermentation very cheap. They are food grade plastic buckets. It will come with all the things you need to get started. You can add other things as you progress your skills.

Your home beer making set must likewise have a hydrometer which is a tiny probe whose feature is to measure the wort’s certain gravity while fermentation is happening, and prior to the fermentation process starts. A great thermometer is likewise essential to inspect the temperature levels between a reduced of sixty levels Fahrenheit and also a high of 2 hundred twelve levels Fahrenheit at which point water starts to steam. These may be included in your brewers kit ( not the beer kit).

An extremely important element of developing beer in your home is cleanliness and so you need to guarantee that your home beer making kit also has a sterilizer and also it should additionally come with a racking cane, connected tubes in addition to racking bucket – every one of which help in transferring the fermented beer right into a short-lived location before it is really bottled.

You will need bottles and caps and this bottle capper from Amazon if you wish to bottle your beer. Do not buy the cheaper dual lever cappers. If you do will be buying a new one after a few brews. They wear out quickly.If not then you will require much more expensive kegging equipment or if a dark ale it can be good right out of the bucket un carbonated and warm. ( The way I prefer my chocolate brown ales and columbus SMaSH).

You might want use the sanitizing powder or liquid that comes with a kit to assure you do not get an infection. Bacteria that is wide spread in your home can turn your beer into vinegar.

I personally do not use it. I think it is more of a product to make it’s manufacturers money. I use Ivory soap and a wash rag for my equipment. A bottle brush on a drill and a jet bottle blaster like this one from Amazon to flush out. I also rinse all my bottles out as soon as I drink the beer so nothing gets dried in them.

With these pieces of equipment you should have no problem in brewing your beer at home.

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Dandelion Wine The Real Way | Hooch and Brew Supply


[ Dandelions are a natural diuretic and have other qualities that may need to be addressed if you are taking medications. Consult your doctor if you are on any medications ]

Greatest Dandelion Wine

When making dandelion wine you have to do some tedious work. When all is said and done you want that work to pay off. Wat you want at the end is the greatest dandelion wine available. How you achieve this is by doing it right and that means going back to what works.

People post all kinds of recipes for making wine and they all seem to have one thing in common. Lots of fruit and sugar. Oh and let us not forget the lack of instructions on how to make that wine taste good. I am going to show you exactly how to make them dandelions produce some fine drinking stuff.

What Does it Taste Like

I have never drank anyone’s wine that tasted good at least if it is not packed full of oranges and other things that do not say “dandelion” on them. Most wine tastes like crap. It has a flavor that just can not be described by me any way. The way it is made to taste good is to turn it into a citrus wine. Well when I want dandelion wine I do not want citrus.

If you do this right , which is no harder than doing it wrong, it will be good. You do not need a lot of oranges, lemons, raisins etc… What you do need is to clean them blossoms up the proper way and do not be lazy about it.


What Part of the Plant to Use

You want to use the yellow blossom. No green stuff. The blossom needs to be

fully open so it is nice and sweet and much easier to clean. Do not wait until it turns to seed i.e. fluffy white snow flake looking thing.
Do not use any of the green part as it is very bitter. At least the stem is. the small green leaves that surround the blossom are not bitter or have much flavor but they will impart a bad flavor if you leave them in as this is going to soak in boiling water.

Give Dandelions a Taste !

Just for a good reference on flavor you should eat some if you never have. they are very good for you and taste great. Sweet tasting. That is why the bees go for them. Also lizards and a billion lizards can’t be wrong. Pick some and clean them and run some water over them to wash off any thing you do not want to be eating. toss about 3 or 4 in your yap and you will surely enjoy them.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said “What is a weed? A plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered.”

You can also eat them on salads , on pizza crust , make tincture, roast the roots, eat roots like carrots. The list goes on. For a real good article and recipes to try take a look at The Prairie Homestead . They have a great site full of good things.


Picking the Blossoms

So first off you got to go picking. If you plan on making a lot of wine then you are going to be crawling around on your hands and knees for a while. I only make a half gallon or so these days. Too old for all that stuff.
Like I said pick the ones that are fully open. Make sure if you are picking on someones property other than your own that there have been no pesticides put down lately.

I would suggest that you do not pick more than about 1/2 quart at a time. The reason for this is that they start closing up fast after picking and that makes for some tedious cleaning. Pick a little clean a little.

So just grab them under the blossom and pull. They will break off. Does not matter if you get the stem or not. I usually pinch off any long stems that I get as I go along so I do not have to do it while I am cleaning the blossoms.

Put them in a strainer, bowl or a jar. Sit down in a shady spot and get ready for the cleaning.

Cleaning Dandelion Blossoms

Rule Number 1 – Do not wash them before you clean them. This will cause you problems. Wet dandelions are not easy to clean. The petals will stick all over your hands.

Watch this video I made. It will show you how to easily clean the green stuff away. You can also pinch off the blossom and then clean away the green petals but it takes forever. Don’t mind my dirty fingernails as it is dandelion stuff. Your fingers are going to be dark green/black after picking and cleaning. Comes off but you gotta scrape it out from under your nails.

Rolling the blossom between the thumb and index finger is fast and easy. Most of the time it will remove the green all in one motion. Sometimes it will crush too much and you have some of it left attached to the blossom and you just pick it off.


Jar of blossoms soaking in water.


The Add Ins

You can add in some orange , lemon and rind. Not too much. Or none at all I recon. Anyway the old method that has been used for as long as people have been making it as far as I know is to put the rind and juice from 6 oranges and 5 lemons and 12 Lb sugar in 1 1/4 gallons of wine.

Well I personally say that is way too much citrus. What i do is this :

1 quart blossoms

1 Lb sugar – This will net you a high alcohol content. Not so great in my opinion as it has a strong alcohol taste. This is why they cover it up with citrus. If you do not mind that and just like getting drunk , go for it. It is not bad even without all the citrus added in.

1/2 Lb sugar –  This will give you more dandelion taste. Dandelions have very little flavor and too much alcohol covers it up. I would go this route if you want tasty wine.

1 lemon – Just use a little bit of the rind , grated

1 orange – just use a little bit of grated rind and a squeeze of juice.

{ You can leave out lemon and orange if you want real dandelion wine}

1 Tbs whiskey yeast or sometimes champagne yeast


Put dandelions in large jar or crock pot .

Pour 1 1/2 quarts boiling water over the dandelions

Let sit 3 days in a dark warm place

Strain through a nylon paint strainer bag.

Add in the juice of  orange

Add in a little of the rind from each

Heat to boiling and add in sugar. Keep stirring so sugar does not burn.

Let cool

Add in yeast at the proper temperature for yeast being used. About 90 – 104. Leave lid loose if using a jar so it don’t blow up.

Let sit for a week or so and then put in fridge to drop out yeast.

Pour into a bottle and seal up for a month or longer. Keep min mind if you do not stop the yeast from eating you might have bottle bombs  if sugars are still in the wine. Use Potassium Sorbate if needed.

I let mine sit in a jar with lid cracked until ready to drink. I do not like sweet stuff and any way dandelion wine should not be real sweet.


Fun with Seeded dandelion



How to Charcoal Filter Your Hooch

What Charcoal Filtering Does

Charcoal filtering your hooch is how you make whiskey that is top notch, has a great flavor and is smooth sippin’ . There are different methods of doing this and the one you use will depend on what you like your whiskey to be. I’ll tell you how to charcoal filter your hooch with sugar maple charcoal.

The two methods commonly used by distillers is either to let it fill up and stay in until ready or drip through. Both ways are said to be the best by the people that use them. You will just have to decide for yourself which one is better.

You Need a Filter

You need to either have a filter that is about 10 feet tall or a filter that holds the whiskey in long enough to do it’s job if you want it to filter real good. Jack Daniels uses a 10′ tall barrel that is filled with charcoal. The whiskey is dripped through it and takes 5 days or so to run out a batch. Other distillers fill up the filter and allow the whiskey to soak in charcoal.

Building Your Filter

First you need a filter. So what you are going to do is build one. You can use this Homemade Charcoal Filter . It works well and cheap and easy to build. It filters a half gallon at a time.

Now if you want a real big one or just a bigger one you can scale that up. The famous Hooch Bird uses a old whiskey barrel converted over to a filter for his big tasty batches. You probably do not want one that big so I would say if you have a gallon or more to filter then just think of anything that will hold it. A local scrap yard would be a good place to go for a stainless steel tube of some sort.

The filter housing does not make any difference really as long as it is not going to react with the alcohol and leech off any bad stuff. How ever a oak barrel is going to also add in good flavors. You could use food grade bucket or pipe if you wanted to. Depending on the method you plan to use you will need to make your filter either big enough to hold all your alcohol at one time or tall enough to allow it to drip through slowly.

The thing with filtering is it needs to stay in that filter long enough to get the job done. l let mine run through at a rate of about 1/2 gallon per hour or so. I use the tube in my how to article. It takes about 1 week to really make some good smooth sippin’ whiskey. I am not that patient so I go fast. I gotta get my drunk on!

Okay so the details. Not much to it.

Method 1. Dripping filter:
If you want to do like Jack does then drip your whiskey into the filter and let gravity do it’s thing. Build your filter tall and as big around as needed to hold the amount you plan on filtering. You can either build it bigger around or taller. The difference is going to be that if it is bigger around you are going to have to devise a system for dripping the booze in slowly and dispersing it evenly around the charcoal. This can be accomplished with pipe with tiny holes drilled in it and laid in a grid across the surface. You would then attach the pipe to your container of booze. A small hole in top of container would allow air in and a little booze out into the pipe system.

If you make it tall it is easy. Just drip it in through a funnel. Customize the funnel so it has a small hole. Only about as big around as a toothpick perhaps. The way to make it drip slowly and evenly without you having to stand there and keep filling up the funnel will require another piece of equipment. Not to worry as I am the master at improvised stuff. It says so on that piece of paper I got from the online improvised stuff college.

To make a container that drips simply use a 2 liter bottle or similar and poke a small hole in the cap and a smaller hole in the bottom. The bottom is to let air in and the cap to let booze out. As the air comes in pressure will build and push the booze on out into the filter. You will need to experiment by starting out with a needle size hole in the bottom and working up till you have the right amount of air pressure going in. Easier than filling up that funnel all the time.

Just stand the bottle up over the filter and let it drip on in. If you plan on allowing plenty of time for filtering then you will need to make the hole in the bottom of your filter very small but not so small that the filter overflows. This is why you also need to make sure that your filter can hold the amount of alcohol you plan on dripping in it.

Method 2. Holding Filter
Make the filter any dimension you want as it is not going to matter. The only thing you need to consider is the outlet. So if you had a piece of pipe capped off on one end you would need to drill a hole in it to let out your filtered hooch. As you do not want it to drip out you would need to install a valve in it. Stainless steel or brass valve is rather expensive, I would use nylon. If you can not thread the hole then simply use food grade silicon sealer.
You can get what I use for my brewing needs for $5.95 Silicone RTV 4500 FDA Grade High Strength Silicone Sealant, Black (2.8 fl.oz) . This works real good. Use it for your mash tun also and to seal the top on them pot stills that are made out of steel pots. No more making a gasket to seal off that upside down lid dome.


Sugar maple charcoal is the stuff to use. You can get it from me in small quantities if you do not want a bunch. Just head on over here  1 Lb sugar maple charcoal

You can also make your own if you can get your hands on some sugar maple. It is easy but does require a hot fire in the 2000 degree range . If you can’t build a bond fire at your house you can always put it in a BBQ and light it up. I burn in an old round smoker. You know them kind they sell real cheap at the store. Cut some extra holes in it so it gets plenty of air.

Pile up your wood and spray it down with some alcohol. Them fusels you toss out are a good choice for this. Put them to use. Get the fire going good and let it burn about 2 1/2 hours. that would be using 2×4 sized boards. spray a little water on it to stop the burning and let it cool and grind it up.

After grinding up your charcoal it needs to be cleaned. If you are using a small amount just use a hair dryer or other source of clean air to blow away the dust. An alternative is to wash it with distilled water and dry it out. That is what I do.

Your Ready

Fill her up and put the booze to it. If your hooch runs out black from charcoal dust just pour it in again. This is the reason I put a filter paper in the bottom of my filter.


Use food grade high temp RTV to seal off any thing brew related you don’t want to leak.

Do not use coffee filters to filter anything but coffee. Use a paper towel or a napkin. Yep they work 100% better and not just for booze but other things like precious metal refining and other lab related stuff.

Clean your charcoal of dust

Send all good booze to me. I will test it for you and make sure it is of fine drinking quality. I will need at least a half gallon as I have a big mouth.