Homemade Mash Tun – Cheap Effective Filter False Bottom

    Mash Tun False Bottom filter


This is my homemade mash tun filter. It is a cheap, effective filter false bottom. It has great efficiency and is simple to build with parts from Ace hardware and Home Depot.

It is a 5 gallon bucket lid. I bought the bucket and lid from Ace hardware. you can buy just the lid. It is food grade. It fits right in the bottom of a 10 gallon Coleman cooler / mash tun.

I went to Home Depot and bought a dishwasher hose that is wrapped in stainless steel and pulled out the hose. Cost is listed at Home Depot as $18.00 for 96″ . You just have to go in and check as they have more than just that one and they are not that pricey.  You only need about 3 feet.


What you need 

Parts list

  • 5 Gallon bucket lid, food grade
  • 1/2 inch PVC pipe , 2 feet . Ace hardware will let you cut to size
  • Steel braided dishwasher hose, 3 feet
  • Nylon pull ties
  • Brass fitting to go into dishwasher hose
  • T Pipe , plastic , brass, stainless
  • Short piece vinyl hose. Water grade high temp. Ace Hardware lets you cut it to size. White with nylon thread in it
  • 5 gallon nylon paint strainer or a stainless steel window screen. Strainer is much easier and cheaper


How to build

The pipe is on the top of the lid. This goes down on bottom of cooler / mash tun. The pipe gives support to the lid. The stainless wrap and pipe are recessed in the top of the lid. The pipe adds support to protect the stainless wrap so it does not get crushed. The lid being upside down allows for an empty space under the lid for liquid to fill in and absorb through the steel braid.

The top side of filter, which is the under side of the lid, just has the outlet coming through it. This of course attaches to the pipe on inside of cooler going to the spigot .

I did not take a pic of the filter cover or the tun. The cover is one of two things depending on what I am doing. Either a piece of stainless steel window screen cut in a circle a little bigger than the lid and wrapped over it or a 5 gallon nylon paint strainer which I put the lid inside of.

The covers keep any grain from getting to the stainless wrap. This works very well. Far better than them expensive steel plates with small holes in them.

The wort flows down under the filter and easily passes into the stainless wrap.

I grind my grain quite fine. I do not use rice hulls any longer but they do help when using fine grinds or oat meal. I have only got a stuck sparg a couple times and it is very simple to fix with this system. Just poke a piece of coat hanger into the spigot. I use and inline spigot so it is a straight shot right into the tun.


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