BBQ Pork Loin & Peppers Sandwich

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    This stuff is amazing. Goes well with any drink. it is quick and easy to make.
    I do not have any exact recipe but I think it really does not matter.

    Pork loin. I usually go to Walmart and buy them BBQ loins they have in hot deli. They are great for this and if you catch them at the right time they will be discounted to a very low price.

    Shred up the pork and set aside for now. I normally use about 1/2 of the loin at a time.
    Cut into strips about a half pound or so of red and yellow mini sweet peppers.
    Cut up 1/2 package fresh mini portabello shrooms.
    Cut up 1/2 onion
    Mince 3 garlic cloves.

    Toss veggies in fry pan with hot olive oil. Add in some rosemary, basil, thyme. Pour in a 1/4 cup white wine.
    Saute until veggies are just starting to get soft.

    Take out veggies and add a little more olive oil if needed and heat up on medium high. Fry the pork a little . Add in your favorite BBQ sauce. Not too much. I use two different types in mine. Both from Aldi. Burman’s regular and honey. good sauce. they also have a brand of natural sauce thet is good and it has no high fructose corn syrup in it.

    Take your favorite sandwich bun and heat up and top with mayonnaise in olive oil. Put on pork and top with veggies. Pour another glass of the good stuff and enjoy.


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